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    With combined-sophisticated attacks and even hybrid attacks on the rise security has become the pillar which defines stability, sustainability and even survival of any entity; being governmental, corporate or individual. Furthermore, there is a need for a more pragmatic, holistic approach solution which provides both multidimensional levels of protection as well as a solution which demands an impact driven approach.

    I’m Yiota – Your Security Strategist & Adviser

    My hunch is someone you trust mentioned my name, heard me speak at a conference, or maybe you’ve read my article in a security magazine, or even stumbled upon one of my blogs or videos online. Whatever the case, I’m really excited you’re here and to have the opportunity to get you the protection results you want!  

    This page will change your relationship with security by leading you away from the noise of attacks and toward gaining control over the protection of your valuable assets (and I’m not kidding!).

    Here’s a quick overview of what I offer so you can find exactly what you need and we can start working on something incredible together.

    My approach and methodologies have gained international recognition and have been sought out globally. I have been named by high-ranking security officials as one of the world’s leading experts in cybersecurity and the security threats that manifest themselves in cyberspace and pose a threat to our society. Additionally, I am an expert on the “Threat Landscape” we face in free societies across the EU and other countries around the world. In fact, I’m currently preparing a proposal for EU DSA funding for one of my models, which, when applied, will provide premium protection to the EU’s safety-critical infrastructure.

    I am a recurring keynote speaker at national events and a guest writer for international magazines related to security.

    Over the past decade, I’ve assisted VIPs, business owners, governmental departments, safety critical infrastructure and specialists across various industries to develop unparalleled protection for their valuable assets against invisible and undetectable attacks, even in hybrid warfare scenarios. This is the current threat landscape that we live in…

    I am ready to assist you in creating your unique and effective protection shield.




    The best mentee I have ever worked with in my career and the person companies are looking for because of her creative mind and independent work ethics.

    Professor Dhiraj K. Pradhan

    ACM award winner | patent designer & NASA adviser

    The kind of training you get from Yiota is profound and at the level of the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). This is what we teach our agents.

     State Department Official

    Yiota, is one of the world’s leading experts in cybersecurity and the security of the threats we face in cyberspace that manifest themselves into threats to our society. Yiota is an expert on the ‘Threat Landscape’ we face in free societies across the EU and other countries across the world.

    Dinos Kerigan-Kyrou

    NATO DEEP | NATO Partnership for Peace

    Yiota’s ability to turn at-hoc complex problems with simple, budget friendly, creative solutions is extraordinary and essential in a crisis situation. That is why she remains a trusted partner and the “go to” service provider for sensitive confidential projects.

    Christina Christofidou

    CEO | Moneylink Investments

    Yiota is one of the few experts in the Security industry which can combine and implement physical security and cybersecurity with ease and quality.

    Notis Iliopoulos | Senior Manager, Cyber Security

    NTT DATA Europe & Latam

    I had the pleasure of working with Yiota on a GDPR policies implementation for a mutual customer. Qubit Solutions was responsible for implementing the technical controls required to achieve compliance. Yiota’s knowledge and quality of service was impressive, and her guidance was crucial in the successful completion of the project. I would recommend Yiota without any reservations and I truly look forwarding to working with her again.

    Michael Kolias
    CEO | Qubit Solutions

    Yiota is already light-years ahead in predicting and preventing data leaks and cyber-attacks! She analyzes the organization’s needs with detail and foresight and delivers a fully customized strategy that fully covers them. I highly recommend her.

    George Nicolaou
    Programmer, Systems Analyst & Web Developer

    What do you Need me for?

    Choose from these solutions and if you need something bespoke, book a discovery call.

    InControl Security Strategy

    Your Protection Map

    Holistic Risk Assessment

    Risk Landscape Analysis

    Disaster Recovery Plan

    Your Disaster Recovery Map

    Investor's Shield

    Investment Fraud Prevention Service

    GDPR Compliance

    The Breach & Fines Avoidance Service

    HUMAN SHIELDING TM- Effective Training

    Transformational Insiders Training based on Science & Usability


    If you are you ready to be

    IN-Control of your protection

    then apply for a complementary Session.

    This Session is for the decision maker (CEO, company owner, VIP, etc).

    If you want to bring along your IT or any other member of your security team you are welcome to do so.


    Understand the threat landscape and start your journey towards effective protection with our curated articles and podcasts.

    With dozens of episodes, our podcast series ‘Your Security Boost’ will guide you towards the right mindset and help you build your defense against threats.

    Browse through our collection of topics to find the perfect fit for your needs.”

    Use technology, do not let technology use you

    Unpredictability is the key to security

    Hackers are resourceful. They re-use compromised credentials.

    There is no 100% security. It is an ongoing journey and process.

    Take back the control of your security

    Social engineering is the trend in hacking because it is taking advantage of human habits and behavior patterns

    The biggest problem in cybersecurity is the lack of awareness about the problem.

    The challenge is to change the negative mindset of people around cyber-security.

    People have to understand that cybersecurity is not difficult and it does not interfere with their daily tasks if is done correctly.

    My ultimate goal is to make cyber-security easy and effortless, simple and fun!

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