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6 ways to feel and be safe at home

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#1 Change your default Wi-Fi password

When you purchase a Wi-Fi subscription you receive a router which allows you to connect to the internet from the comfort of your home. That router comes with a predefined password. You know, that AB172648HF432 which is impossible to remember! Let alone that all predefined passwords are weak and can be cracked. But if you change it to a strong one you are on a good ground. An extra tip here: Your child or pet name does not qualify for a strong secure password. For more password and bulletproof accounts access advice check out Esodos- The first key to security which is the sponsor of this episode.

#2 Do not fall in the familiarity trap. Enable your VPN and antivirus

Whether you like it or not this twin has become an essential for everyone around the world. That is of course if you wish to minimize the rising attacks against you. From identity theft, phishing to ransomware and I am just getting started the cyber-security space is full of dangers so let’s block as much as we can out of our lives starting with our homes. If you wish to read more about why you need a VPN at home then this episode is for you.

#3 Purchase a vacuum machine without remote control

I know that it is a trend to have every device of your home connected to the internet and controlled from your mobile phone, but I have to break the news for you. Those devices have not been designed with security in mind and can become a great tool in the hands of a thief. I am all about comfort don’t get me wrong but do purchase a vacuum machine which you can turn on in the morning before leaving the house and can climb even the ceiling for cleaning operating independently but with no remote access; that is no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection to avoid sending your house layout online.

cyber-security approach, philosophy, business, protection

#4 Make sure your phone is not eavesdropping your private conversations

I am not a conspiracy theorist. Unfortunately, phones are not only an ally. If not used correctly they can become the initiator of your worst nightmare. Due to the fact that phones go with you everywhere can get compromised and even if not just by downloading the wrong app or clicking to the wrong link your private information can fall into the wrong hands. Even though it is very easy to happen I will entertain the idea that you are a pro at protecting your devices. That doesn’t mean that you cannot still be compromised. With hardware level undetectable tools on the louse to free services with unleashed and uncontrolled marketing regulations do not be surprised the next time you talk with a friend in person about visiting Canes Film festival and 5 minutes later you see an advertisement on Facebook for a great hotel in Canes you can stay! No, it is not a sign. It is unethical marketing. Just saying.

#5 Do not become part of a big brother show

It is not randomly that we are talking about the internet of things as one of the major reasons for the cyber-security collapse. In case you are interested to study all the reasons then this episode is for you. All devices have become smart with one exception; our security! That is because these devices are valuing comfort more than protection and there are no tools to protect you. You don’t believe me? Find me a VPN or an antivirus for a fridge, a laundry machine and a TV. I rest my case.  So, make sure your smart- tv is not broadcasting you anywhere but blocking its camera and at least avoid connecting it to the internet as much as you do not need it to be connected.

#6 Block your camera when you are not using it intentionally

You must have seen those movies where the perpetrator has access over the computer camera and sees the lady while changing clothes. It doesn’t feel nice right? Even though there are many software tools which check if and when your camera is turned on the simplest and most secure way to do it is blocking your camera with a physical obstacle.


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That is all for today. Let me hear your thoughts. Which one of the before mentioned ways resonates with you and you will apply immediately?

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cyber-security approach, philosophy, business, protection


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