Yiota Nicolaidou is an entrepreneur, scientist and philanthropist.

She is the Founder and Chairman of ‘ Y. Secure World Vision ‘ and she has made cyber security her mission.

Yiota’s work focuses on securing and protecting the assets of individuals and organisations from attack by cyber terrorists which have become more prolific since 2012 .

Her philanthropic effort focuses on enabling non-profit making organisations in Cyprus with the technological tools it needs to reach and support as many people as possible.

She also leads the fight against any form of violence and abusive behavior directed mainly towards women and children.

She is currently the Director of the Regional Control Centre of Operations for the Cyprus Government, Ministry of Interior Civil Defence Department and her contribution to protecting citizens does not stop there…

She worked collaboratively with private educational institutes and the Ministry of Education in Cyprus.

She contributed to Systems Security and Continual Operations of the Cypriot Government during the Cypriot Presidency of the European Union in Brussels serving as Communication Affairs Attache.

Her academic qualifications include a degree as a Hardware Designer and an MSc in Advanced Microelectronic Systems Engineering from Bristol University in UK.

Yiota specialised in Fault Tolerance having had Prof. Dhiraj K. Pradhan as her mentor and she specialised inHardware Security and Usable Security at the University of Maryland, USA.

Work Experience:

  1. May 2016Director of Regional Control Center of Operations, Cyprus Government Civil Defense
  2. 2016Founder & CEO of Y. Secure World Vision
  3. 2014-2015Designed Website-online platforms for Non-profit making organisations in Cyprus.
  4. May 2012Communications Affairs Attaché, Permanent Representation of the Republic Cyprus to the European Union
  5. 2010 – 2012Teaching basic online security principles for the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture


  1. 2015Specialized in Hardware Security from Maryland University USA
  2. 2015Specialized in Usable Security from Maryland University USA
  3. 2011MSc Computer Engineering in Advanced Microelectronic Systems Engineering
  4. 2010Specialized in Fault Tolerance with Mentor Prof. Dhiraj K. Pradhan, Chair in Computer Science University of Bristol
  5. 2010Named ‘the best student I have worked with in my career and the person companies are looking for because of her creative mind and independent work ethic’ by Prof. Dhiraj K. Pradhan
  6. 2009BEng in Computer Engineering
  7. At age of 15 started teaching computer science topics including programming

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