Welcome! Behind this cyberspace is a real person.


Allow me to introduce myself.


My name is Yiota, and I am a tech entrepreneur, Holistic Security Strategist, Safety Critical Infrastructures Adviser, and problem solver.








My expertise lies in Safety Critical Systems and Highly Classified Information. I was fortunate to be mentored by Professor Dhiraj Pradhan, an ACM award winner and patent designer, who was funded by various agencies in Canada, USA, and the UK. He also served as an adviser to NASA. In fact, he named me as his star mentee.

I hold a degree in Hardware Design and a master’s degree in Advanced Microelectronic Systems Engineering, with a focus on Fault Tolerance, Design Verification, Microprocessor Design, and Hardware Security. I have specialized further in Hardware Security, Usable Security, and human brain functionality, including NLP.

My expertise has been sought out by top semiconductor companies, the European Space Agency, Boeing, GCHQ, and other governmental agencies that fight cyber-terrorism and government-based safety-critical infrastructure related to public protection, valuable assets, and classified information protection. I have received funding for my innovative ideas on several occasions.

My approach and methodologies have earned international recognition and are sought out globally. I have been named one of the world’s leading experts in cybersecurity and the security threats that manifest themselves in cyberspace and pose a threat to society. Furthermore, I am an expert on the “Threat Landscape” we face in free societies across the EU and other countries worldwide. I was featured as a female role model in Cyprus by MIGS CY, [sheexperts platform, a programme funded by the US Embassy].

I have served as a recurring keynote speaker at national events and a guest writer for international security-related magazines.

Based on my IP models for holistic security, strategy, and mental behavioral models; I am preparing a proposal for EU DSA funding, which, when applied, will provide premium protection to the EU’s safety-critical infrastructure.

My mission is to eliminate terrorist and information attacks, both cyber and infrastructure, on businesses and organizations by demystifying their security and simplifying their protection. Over the past decade, I have helped VIPs, business owners, governmental departments, safety critical infrastructure and specialists across various industries develop unparalleled protection for their valuable assets against invisible and undetectable attacks, even in hybrid warfare scenarios.



What You Can Expect From Me:


My clients receive first-class security services.

In the process, most of them save millions of euros and achieve a sustainable digital transformation of their organization.

My clients get to know me quite well, but the nature of my work requires more privacy, so you will not find much personal information about me online, particularly on social media.

However, even if your work and life require different levels of exposure than mine in the cyber space, I will tailor your protection to your requirements and needs.

After all, if security is not usable, it is not applicable. As a problem solver, please reach out to me if you have difficult problems to solve!


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