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Solving the cyber-security Gordian Knot

In the Kingdom of all Kings in Phrygia, there was the Gordian Carriage devoted to the God Dias, Greek word for Zeus and Sabazios for Phrygians

What data is really important? Understanding the first principle of GDPR.

About six months ago, I got a call from a business owner in Germany. She was really upset about her safety but the interesting part was why

Picking the Cyber Criminal Mind

A friend of mine asked me: “Is it scary to have a criminal mind?” In order to answer this question, I have to define what the criminal mind is

Is the protection of your business in a coma state?

Businesses operate in a risky environment, but there is a difference between a well calculated risk and sky-diving without a parachute.

An ancient Greek philosophy – the novel approach to Cyber Security

The definition I like most about stoicism is given by Tim Ferriss. According to Mr. Ferriss, stoicism is considered a means of mental toughness training

What children can teach us about security

Everything is possible. And this is the philosophy, I’m living by: everything is possible, if you deeply want it

Could your summer holidays put your business in danger of cyber and physical attacks?

Summer is here and for many businesses August is the official month for holidays. What about your businesses’ well-being? Have you prepared it for the holidays?

The hidden dangers of our protection technology PART 3 – Understanding the Human Psychology

In this article I am going to a different indication factor which is not that obvious; human psychology. The Familiarity Factor

The hidden dangers of our protection technology PART 2- Understanding the threat probability

In the previous article I mentioned several scenarios that can transform widely used protection software like an antivirus into an attack station and what you need to know in order to decide on your security measures and controls. Now it is time to evaluate the likelihood of them happening.

The hidden dangers of our protection technology PART 1: Understanding Threat Mechanics

In light of the recent announcement about the “Double agent” vulnerability method people are getting really confused. Clients have been asking me: Should I use antivirus software?

How to defuse vulnerabilities at their roots

Threats have humans as an initiating factor. Either a malicious programmer or a programmer with good intention who makes a mistake is enough to initiate the exploitation cycle.

The Security paranoia game you didn’t know you are playing…but you have already lost

If you are security paranoid, your security is either poor, endangered, imperiled OR safe and protected. It depends how you define the term paranoia.

Do not read this… It is a secret

Mystery activates the drive in your mind. This is just one of the techniques hackers use. They trigger your psychology with social engineering. You cannot imagine how good they are at the art of deception

An encrypted message to governments

Stop looking at the back-door. In the light of so many exposures regarding mass surveillance acts and so many twisted protection hidden deals which always turn against the ones you are supposed to protect, If you want to solve the cyber terrorism problem how about asking security experts?

You are predictable

Why are you so predictable? Solutions start with stating the facts and the fact is that: You are predictable.

Business secret protection codes

Do you need the secret protection codes for your business? Cyber security always feels like a mystery that can’t be solved when in reality good security is built on simple easy to decode processes that will protect your business.

How to protect yourself from Ransomware

If you want to protect yourself and your business from WannaCry ransomware at least do the following immediately

Passwords: When the Rules are not working anymore make new ones!

This explosion of passwords use in combination to outrageous rules makes people confused, frustrated, not able to understand how to do it right and the most important from all, not secured. Yes that’s right; even if you follow all the rules around password setting you are not secured.

Passwords. You know how to? Statistics say you don’t!

If a day is dedicated worldwide to passwords it must be because passwords are very important. Right? Since the dawn of the Internet passwords remain the first point of attack and for good reason.

Password day 2017! Tips OR Solution? Your choice.

Can your passwords cover all of your needs and requirements? Welcome to a new era where YOU BECOME the strongest link to your security.

The roots to your security problem

Cyber attacks: Let’s examine their roots! Cyber attacks are exponentially increasing with time. There are several types of threats that can be initiated by our adversaries and day by day they increase in volume, severity and impact.

Almost there!

Cyber attacks are here to stay and hackers are not waiting.


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