Business secret protection codes

business secret protection codes, language in security essential component

Do you need the secret protection codes for your business?

Cyber security always feels like a mystery that can’t be solved when in reality good security is built on simple easy to decode processes that will protect your business.

In the past security was an add-on feature for systems and people were forced to follow through. The outcome of such an approach was that people eventually were trying to bypass it because it was difficult, time consuming and unnatural in terms of allowing them to perform their daily tasks. The result of this approach was for them to create a negative mindset around security. They were giving up their security because they could not understand it.

With the Internet of Things, elite hackers providing script kiddies with sophisticated tools and digital infrastructure is falling apart because it was not designed with the security factor in mind; cyber-attacks and their impact is exponentially increasing with time. That is how security got to the center of the stage!

Nowadays we are into a more innovative approach to security where protection is an essential part of a system and it requires usability in order for people to be able to acclimate with ease.

In security, there are two languages. The language of systems and the language of people and security experts need to possess both.

While security experts need the language of systems to design your security metrics, measures and controls they need to be masters in communication to change people’s relationship with security. Yes, that is right.

If the weakest link in security is people we need to be able to start talking to people in a language they understand.

So, what are the business secret protection codes?

If communication is the key to relationships and we need to build a relationship between people and security then communication is our bridge.

I was in a meeting recently with a company’s CEO who has had security teams for many years now.

He told me at the beginning of the meeting: “I cannot believe you will explain security to me in a few hours. I have security teams for years and whenever they open their mouth my ears are blocking any sound that comes from them. It is just not possible.”

Of course, I knew that by investing those hours (time is the most valuable thing we have, not money) he was secretly hoping that I can actually explain security to him.

Now, you have to know this about me: if someone says: it is not possible triggers me.

Externally I just smiled but internally I said bring it on. Let’s find out.

By the end of our meeting he said: I am impressed with your ability to explain security. It is the first time in my life I understand security.

This shift in human psychology is the most important factor to design security which will be implemented with the highest success rate.

The first barrier for people is their negative mindset. As soon as a security expert removes this block from them they are able to implement extremely “paranoid” protection levels with ease.

People will do everything you say. You just need to direct them on the correct path.