What children can teach us about security

What children can teach us about security

Everything is possible. And this is the philosophy, I’m living by: everything is possible, if you deeply want it. This way of thinking changed this world for the better thousands of years ago. What about the opposite? We would still be in caves!

Same ideas apply to protecting your business. If a professional says it is not possible to protect your business there is only one thing you should do. Find someone who can provide the solutions to protect your business and valuable assets. Do not accept the “not possible” answer ever again. Keep searching until you find the right people who will make it possible, otherwise the first reason for failure in protecting your business will be that you didn’t even try.

When I was a child my parents got me a bicycle. One without support at a very young age and every day I was taking the bicycle and I would cycle until I fall. Then I would get up, riding it again and start all over. You see, I had this goal of making it without falling for 500 meters on a specific road. Next to the road was a house where a lawyer was living and he noticed me trying. He told my mother your child has a fascinating persistence. I have been watching her every day for the last period of time riding the bike, falling, getting on again and do that for hours. Sure, it was painful to fall every day and my bloody knees and hands did not like it but my goal to cycle for 500 meters without falling was more important than the knee and hand pain.  You see, children have this amazing ability to keep trying and trying and trying until they succeed. They embrace failure as part of their success.  Getting older most of us allow our natural failure process to success to make us avoid trying at all but I am sure all of you, if you think way back there are things you did as a child which would be really helpful skills for your business success that you do not employ anymore.

That is exactly the approach you should have both for your business and personal security – operate with the natural persistence of a child!

Sure, there are many examples of unsuccessful protection and yes, I have stated many times that the hardware infrastructure we currently have does not allow building solid security for software and networks. In fact, it looks like we have a house built on sand but this does not mean we have to let our house sink into the water. This is the first reason why security feels like failure right now.

There are still things you can do to protect your business, starting with finding the people who can think out of the box and be creative. Creativity in security is unpredictability, and unpredictability is the only solid measure you can take right now to ensure your business protection.

If you’ve been following my blog you know that I focus a lot on the mindset because it is the greatest friend or foe of any success. The worst thing about this is that your mindset might be formed by someone who convinced you that something is not possible. That person exposed you to danger. That person substantially minimized your business possibilities to survive and you should stop listening to them immediately.

The second reason is your negative mindset. It can be the result of a series of failed, intrusive and unnatural actions, that indirectly shaped your mind into thinking that protection is not achievable. If your mindset tells you security is complicated, expensive and not feasible I challenge you right now to change your belief because your mindset is 100% wrong. Security and protection is possible.

The third reason is the tech-y language security experts use that confuses business people at best, or bores them at worst.

These three reasons create disappointment, and disappointment lead to giving up.

Disappointment can become your very powerful ally. Beliefs are formed and re-formed so instead of getting frustrated with failed attempts to become secure get angry with anyone who tells you it is not possible. Stay persistent like a kid and if an approach does not work for you change it until you find the one that does.

As Einstein said: “It is insanity doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

So, lets rewire wrong beliefs in your mind with right ones which will assist you in your personal and business journey.

When you don’t understand a language, you get a translator, you do not give up on understanding and communication. By the way, being a translator is one of my favorite hats because I love translating complicated ‘security speak’ into business language and aligning protection principles with your goals.  That is an impact I love to make.

Everything is possible including security and protection.

There are easy ways to be secure which feel like second nature and do not require extreme efforts. If you’d like to learn more, check out the self-study course I designed for businesses.