An encrypted message to governments

encryption importance in security

Stop looking at the back-door.


In the light of so many exposures regarding mass surveillance acts and so many twisted protection hidden deals which always turn against the ones you are supposed to protect, I would like to tell you something: A suit for a power position does not make you a security expert.

If you want to solve the cyber terrorism problem how about asking security experts?

Encryption is back on the stand again.

Banning encryption? Really? This is your plan to fight cyber terrorism? Great!!

The only thing you are actually doing is taking back from the protection side one of the few solid power tools we actually have to protect your systems!!!!

Let’s play out this scenario and look at its results. You ban encryption and we all stop using it. Right? Wrong!!! Cyber criminals will still be using it. Why? Because, they are criminals and they are breaking the law. So, you just create more vulnerability nightmares for the rest of us. Aren’t the vulnerabilities we already have to deal with enough?

We have enough problems to solve so if you do want to improve our security do this instead.

Create laws and legislation that will add more supportive tools in the protection arena. You do not know from where to start?

That is absolutely fine! I have some suggestions for you…

  • Empower encryption use.
  • Enforce formal verification to make sure that designs do not include bugs which can be turned into vulnerabilities by hackers. Formal verification is using mathematical models to define the correctness of a system design.

What is common between encryption and formal verification? They both have a mathematical background. In general, anything with a mathematical background is solid for security.

  • Support any security methodologies using solid mathematical foundation.

Instead of messing with math embrace it. It is your most powerful weapon in the security warfare game.

Stop looking at the back-door.

You are looking in the wrong direction. You will never get out of the forest that way. Instead you are getting more lost in the process. You need to find your compass. Look for the path with the name MATHS. This is your way out!

You are welcome. After all, we are in the protection game together…