On this page you should find everything you need when booking Yiota to deliver your keynote

    Approved Headshots

    Use any of the images of Yiota below to market her appearance at your event. (click photo to save hi-res version)

    A/V Requirements

    Yiota uses PowerPoint and she currently presents on a laptop complete with her own bag of cables that includes a selection of HDMI connectors and a wireless presentation “clicker.” Her presentations are formatted to fit a 16×9 screen.

    Yiota needs you to provide a mic (head mounted, lavaliere mic, hand held in that order of preference). She does not like to present from a lectern if possible, because she likes to use her presentations to bring up her step count. 

    The only other things Yiota needs you to provide are a projector and power socket. If there is water and a visible clock / time count then your event will get a gold star.

    You are all set for our 1 to 1 Cyber-Risk Navigation Roadmap Call!

    You will receive a confirmation email with a link for your appointment!
    Please allow 30 – 45 minutes for our Zoom call.


    Intro Music

    Yiota is often asked about what intro music to play, here is a selection to choose from to match your event

    Intro Script

    Your MC or host can use the following brief text to introduce Yiota

    “I would like to welcome our speaker, Yiota Nicolaidou. Acknowledged as a premier global authority on cybersecurity and the intricate network of security threats converging in cyberspace and esteemed for unparalleled training methodologies. Please join me in welcoming Yiota on stage”.


    Long, medium and short biographies of Yiota for your promotional use

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