On this page you should find everything you need when booking Yiota to deliver your keynote

Approved Headshots

Use any of the images of Yiota below to market her appearance at your event.

A/V Requirements

Yiota uses PowerPoint and she currently presents using a wireless presentation “clicker. Her presentations are formatted to fit a 16×9 screen.

Yiota needs you to provide a mic (head mounted, lavaliere mic, hand held in that order of preference). She does not like to present from a lectern if possible, for better connection with the audience. 

If there is water and a visible clock / time count then your event will get a gold star.

Intro Music

Yiota is often asked about what intro music to play, here is a selection to choose from to match your event

Intro Script

Your MC or host can use the following brief text to introduce Yiota

I’m thrilled to introduce our esteemed moderator/speaker, Yiota Nicolaidou, a prominent figure in the cybersecurity realm. Renowned for her transformative approach, Yiota stands as a premier global authority on revolutionizing methodologies for safeguarding critical infrastructure. Let’s extend a warm welcome to Yiota as she takes the stage.


Short biography of Yiota for your promotional use

Yiota Nicolaidou is an renowned leader in holistic security strategy. As a premier global authority, she focuses on safeguarding critical infrastructure and shaping mindsets around security. With avant-garde methodologies she will give you the 2 millimetre shift that will fine-tune your protection. As an international keynote speaker, Yiota invites audiences worldwide to reclaim control and embrace a new era of protection.