Do not read this… It is a secret
Do not read this. It's a secret, mystery

And you did open it. Do you know why??


Because the mystery of it activates the drive in your mind. This is just one of the techniques hackers use. They trigger your psychology with social engineering. You cannot imagine how good they are at the art of deception but I DO KNOW and I am going to tell you.

In order to be able to stay in control of your security game you need to pick a hackers mind, you need to reverse engineer them

and there is only one way to do that. Use a person with the same mindset as a reference.
Have you noticed that the attacks are exponentially increasing but it gets harder and harder for hackers to get caught?

You need to have inside information regarding the methods they use to protect their data. Now, I am not saying that it is easy. The motive they have; staying out of jail; is really important.

But, isn’t your personal life and your business success equally important?

It is all a matter of perspective!

You have been told so many lies about security that you just shut down when someone starts talking about it; but hiding your head in the sand will not make the problem go away. You know that.

Hackers are here to stay. Whether you choose to accept that or not. They are here to initiate attacks against you whether you are prepared to deal with them or not.

In order to lead you toward a safe path we need to start with the lies they have been telling you…

Here is the first lie you have been told: 

  • “You cannot remember your passwords”
  • “The password creation procedure is complicated, difficult and still not enough to protect you.”
  • “You have to follow a lot of rules to make it”
  •  “You need password managers to maintain your passwords”
  • “You need password engines to produce them”


You don’t believe me?

If this is the truth then why are hackers not following this advice? 

Yes they don’t. They always choose passwords of more than 120 characters, never write them down, never use password managers, never use password engines. Instead they remember them! Yes, that’s right.

Hackers can remember their huge, complex, unique passwords which they are using to stay out of jail. This is how important passwords are. This is their power. 

You see people overlook the importance of things because they consider them basic but did you know that the best players in the world do not excel in many moves but JUST ONE BASIC move?

You still think you cannot do it?

You can, you just need inside information regarding the methodology they follow to create strong, long, unique, complex and memorable passwords and I have this methodology.

If you want it is yours. Just send me a message and I will tell you how to solve this problem ones and for all.

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