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5 More Habits of highly Successful & Protected people

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Habit #1: They get familiar with threats

Successful people study and read all the time. They develop their skills to remain in control of their protection. They feed their mind with knowledge because they know that growing and progressing is the most direct way to success. Threats are changing all the time thus they need to prepare accordingly. What was in the previous season, for their protection, might now become a compromise. They educate themselves on assets protection by taking online courses like ESODOS or they participate in events.

Habit #2: They evaluate their habits and how it affects their security

Have you ever heard of your habits evaluation? That is the latest trend in security. You spend a day with a behavioral security expert who literally becomes your shadow. That person is examining your exposure to danger and designs your protection shield with easy to employ habits. Please note that it’s not about the habits but instead about how you follow through to those habits. If you need this then you can see the details about my VIP days. As successful people’s most valuable asset is time learning fast and based on their customized needs everything they need to know on a VIP day is a must and the latest trend in protection.

Habit #3: They ask the right questions

Protection without a clear plan of action is not going to be effective. At the end of the day successful peoples’ goal is to protect and maintain their valuable assets. They avoid wasting their resources protecting anything that is not valuable to them. That is why they always ask

  • What is my goal?
  • What is most important to protect and
  • What is the impact from a successful attack on it

Want a little help?

cyber-security approach, philosophy, business, protection

Habit #4:They establish rules and methods to evaluate the effectiveness of what they have

Successful people have metrics for everything including the protection of their valuable assets. Think about it as the autopilot of an airplane. Due to the changes in the wind and other conditions in the air the airplane would never reach its destination without the constant evaluation of the end goal. This mechanism is really developed within successful people. They consciously and rigidly evaluate the effectiveness of everything in order to remain in control. When was the last time you evaluated your protection effectiveness? You just need a threat evaluation assessment.

Habit #5: They automate their progress

Life is so busy and successful people know that in order to stay consistent and progress in any area they must automate and schedule the process as much they can. They do setup reminders for a new secure behavior until it becomes a habit. They utilize NET time (If you do not know what NET time is then study this from Tony Robbins) by studying online courses and listening to podcasts like “Your Security Boost”. They do subscribe for free resources and advice from relevant valid sources.

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cyber-security approach, philosophy, business, protection

That is all for today. Five more habits of highly successful and protected people. Start by implementing them today and reach success!

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What other habits do successful people have?

I cannot wait to hear your comments so leave them below and let’s continue the conversation.




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