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The Trojan horse of protection. The constant factor keeping you unprotected long-term is just a myth. Do you still believe it?

The myth that is keeping you stuck: There is no 100% security thus you cannot be protected.

It is really fascinating to see how many myths and lies there are around cyber-security. Yet the worst of them is their impact as they play a very important and critical role on your protection, a negative role. Why? Because you believe in them and you stay stuck and your put yourself in danger.

So, today I am going to prove to you that the statement “There is no 100% security does not mean that you cannot be protected against cyber-attacks and cyber-criminals.

A Real World Example

But first let me tell you a personal experience I had.

About a year ago I was in a conference with about 200 very wealthy people. At some point a very nice business man sitting next to me opens his computer, connects to the public Wi-Fi, opens an image of his passport with the real details on it on his screen and then he opens the airlines’ website to book his flight back home to his country. He even pulled out his credit card to make the payment.

He was surrounded by a lot of people who could actually see all that information. Not even considering the cyber-criminal waiting on the public Wi-Fi network.

That image was shocking to me. I said to him (let’s call him Max): Max are you aware in how much danger you are putting yourself in?

Max, just for the record is the CEO and owner of a medium size company in Austria and he didn’t even have a trace of protection like at least a simple antivirus on his computer.

But, wait for it! When I thought this was the worst I could see; through our discussion I realized that that computer was his main business computer, he didn’t have the information he had on that device anywhere else and he had information which if stolen or destroyed could destroy his business. They could put him out of business immediately.

After I analyzed the threat level he is putting himself in and he seemed to agree I asked him: Why do you put your business and your life at so much risk?

The reply I got was the following: “Its ok. I took cybersecurity awareness lessons in the past and the instructor told me that no matter what I will do I will not be secure, so I gave up. If it happens it happens.” 

I said to him: and why is that?

Max replied: Because there is no 100 % security.

The Shocking Truth

I could not believe my ears. Who is that cyber-security instructor who convince that man to play his business and life in a Russian roulette.

“Russian roulette game” in case you are not familiar with the term is referring to a lethal game of chance in which a player places a single round in a revolver, spins the cylinder, places the muzzle against their head, and pulls the trigger.

That is exactly what that business owner was doing with his life and business. After that initial shock I had to set things straight for this man about security.

Unfortunately, many people walk around with this belief and now is the time to set things straight in order to protect as many people and businesses as possible.

Here is the proof

Let me clarify something. Yes, the statement “there is no 100% security” is valid. Risk is everywhere in our daily lives. No one is promising us we will never get sick, or we will not have an accident. That is life! But, the mistake is the interpretation of the statement. They make you believe that if there is no 100% you cannot be protected, it’s out of your control, which is such a big lie.

Why? I am going to prove it to you.

Firstly, lets define risk. Risk is the potential for loss. It is everywhere in our daily lives so for example every time we step outside the house to go for a walk there is a possibility for a car to hit us.

How possible is for someone to run us over by an accident? It is not very common, just a few possibilities.

How possible is for someone to run us over on purpose? It depends who we are.

It is exactly the same when we evaluate the risk of attacks in security and specifically cyber-security.

So, the question is:

How likely is it for your business or you personally to be attacked? How likely is it to be a target by accident or on purpose?

Unfortunately, with the current trends (of increased frequency and impact of the attacks) everyone has higher risk levels which means you have to take them seriously both personally and professionally. That is if you don’t want to face the implications. After all, we all have a choice.

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Factors which define Risk

There are two factors, which define risk in cyber-security – threat and vulnerability.

This is the most simplistic equation to describe it, but it is enough for what you need to be aware of:

Risk = threat * vulnerability

So, what is threat and what is vulnerability?

Threat is the potential of harm and it is completely in the control of the attackers. It has to do with the abilities, motives and impact they have in order to target a person or a business.

Vulnerabilities are the weaknesses you have in your security which enable the threat to attack you and the risk to be triggered and harm you. Vulnerabilities are in your control.

Now pay attention closely. Did you notice the * sign?

Multiply 2 by 3, multiply 2 by 1 multiply 2 by 0. That means that if you manage to control the one you control the other.

Do you know what I just said?

This is where the fact that there are solutions for cyber-security is valid. If you control the vulnerabilities which are in your control you can minimize and/or avoid the risk of the attack without having to worry about the threats which are the cyber criminals.

I just proved to you that you can protect your business or yourself when many people around you say it is not possible.  That is a completely different message from what you have been told.

The message is that protection is in your control. You just need to control your vulnerabilities and as long as you do, no cyber-attack will be able to touch you.


“There is no 100% security thus I cannot be protected.”


You do not need 100% security in order to be protected. As long as you have the right security you are protected.

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cyber-security approach, philosophy, business, protection

Over to you now!

I would really appreciate it if you could share this article with any one you know; either in your personal life or business. It will help stop this vicious cycle which is threating and destroying lives and businesses and at the same time stop cyber-criminals from gaining more power. And please the next time you hear a cyber-security instructor saying that it is not possible to be secure because there is no 100% security tell them what they are doing is a crime.

  1. What transformation does it invoke for you knowing the truth about this familiar myth I just analyzed?
  2. What other beliefs around security would you like me to discuss in terms of their validity?

I cannot wait to hear your comments. So leave them below and let’s continue the conversation.


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