Neuralink – Merging Humans with AI – “Brain hack” closer than ever before

We live in the era of profound technological advances and AI is expected to dominate the near future of humanity. It is definite that Elon Musk is an exceptional mind with an extraordinary mission and he has been an inspiration for many and me personally.

Having said that, I would like to challenge his recent announcement about Neuralink progress steps and if I may, provide him and everyone with awareness of the potential serious security concerns which may arise.

1)   Thought theft would become the worst form of identity theft: Both Europe and the US pay huge attention to privacy forcing companies worldwide to protect people private data. The fines are extremely high and that is due to the importance of private data and how it can damage your identity. From emptying your bank accounts, impersonating you, even driving you to jail imagine being able to read your thought as well. Scary right? The expansion of identity theft to its worst form.

2)   A brain meltdown: Cyber-attacks have been increased dramatically and in a geometric rhythm. Furthermore, the complexity and plethora of attacks is just devastating. From software level attacks like social engineering, malware, ransomware, phishing attacks and zero days to hardware level attacks like Meltdown and Spectre; which are by the way undetectable; to even the rise of hybrid attacks it seems like no infrastructure of our reality is unaffected and protected. Let me translate in simple terms: Nuclear reactors, power and communication grids, your smart house, your self-driving car, your baby monitor, your smart TV and mobile phone, your country’s weapons all in the hands of cyber-criminals. Both software but mostly hardware computer architecture is essential to be re-designed with security as the main requirement.

3)   A history of deadly motives: Health devices like pacemakers have attracted the attention of criminals and people were killed by their acts of hacking. What would really stop cyber-criminals from targeting and actually achieving a “brain hack”? Why wouldn’t they attack a device connected directly to your brain? Their non-existing morals and ethics? After all, “many people hate money by glory none”.

4)   Modern forms of war: Propaganda, mass manipulation & control by frequency signals to the brain are the next big thing! If past Facebook experiments with certain images and text could lead to suicide a category of people; chips and electronics with the ability to send certain frequencies to the brain could cause from paranoia and self-destruction thoughts to mind control and modern forms of propaganda.

5)   Unknown controlled feel & move: “Neuralink aims to restore function to those patients who have suffered brain and spinal injuries, helping reinstate their ability to feel and regain motor agency” according to Peter H. Diamandis. The ability to control people’s neurons and feeling of pain could lead to taking over the control of someone moves to perform crimes and cause massive pain to people whose brain has been hacked. Coming soon!

6)   Security is not a priority: Let’s talk about facts. Considering that connection via Bluetooth is one of the most insecure ways would anyone really feel safe to apply this innovative solution? Just saying…

7)   The potential for failure: What about the fault tolerance of the external controller and any other components? Any device can fail! Period.

Brain hacking could be the next big thing, and I am going to make a prediction. With no measures taken the world as we know it will collapse from a major hack. Brain hack is just going to make it more likely to happen. The window frame I personally see is 2027.

Obviously, this article is about awareness and adding the security dimension to the technology of tomorrow especially the one which is to be connected to our bodies.

Closing this article, I would be more than happy to assist Elon Musk solving these security concerns. After all,

Security is a state of mind.” How about making it a state of a Neuralink controller as well?

“Security is a state of mind.” How about making it a state of a Neuralink controller as well?

So I am now turning it over to you. If you found this tip useful please share it with others. Protection is a collective effort, and each of us can contribute to this. I cannot wait to hear your comments so leave them below and let’s continue the conversation.



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