Passwords. You know how to? Statistics say you don’t!

passwords, passwordday

If a day is dedicated worldwide to passwords it must be because passwords are very important. Right?

Since the dawn of the Internet passwords remain the first point of attack and for good reason.

I love the way Mark Stockley communicates it on ‘Naked Security’ article: ‘do we really need strong passwords?’

“Passwords are the keys to the IT castle and it doesn’t matter how strong your walls are if the lock on the door is easily picked.”

Mark explains very well at that article that passwords can be a weak link on your security because:

“they’re often the one component of a security system whose creation and safety is entrusted to the users of that system rather than its designers and administrators.”

If I may add is the most important component.

Imagine having a very secure house with high tech security, no windows, no other way to enter than a door and you leave the key on the door. What you really do is wasting all that security and you are still unsecured!

Based on the article “New research: “Comparing how security experts and non-experts stay safe online”


Four of the top five experts advise are related to cyber security specifically referring to passwords and authentication

So, if there is one thing for which you need to take action right now, it is your passwords.

You don’t know how?

That is ok. We have created a solution which will cover your needs. Have a look by clicking on the image below:

passwords, passwordday