Passwords: When the Rules are not working anymore make new ones!
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This explosion of passwords use in combination to outrageous rules makes people confused, frustrated, not able to understand how to do it right and the most important from all, not secured.

Yes that’s right; even if you follow all the rules around password setting you are not secured.

Based on an MIT research on passwords:

You have been misled about what makes a good password

Of course that is not on purpose. When those rules were created they could help you create secure passwords.

However we have moved to an era where attackers are more sophisticated and they have unbelievable resources in their hands to dive into your privacy and security.

There is thus a definite need to redefine those rules and make your passwords safe again.

Do you want to know how? Here it is. Click to the image below to be directed to the Solution.

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passwords, passwordday