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On Today’s Episode: “I do not keep online data, only hard copies.” Do I still need GDPR compliance?

Episode Main messages:

  • GDPR covers offline data as well
  • Your threat levels depend on who you are and how valuable of a target you are.
  • Even big corporations with solid security protecting their information and their infrastructure can still fail. And they fail because of one detail – they do not combine information and infrastructure security in a correct way. They handle information and infrastructure security as two different components and this makes them weak and creates openings in their security levels.

Check Out These Highlights:

  • Do you need GDPR compliance for offline data? [0:35]
  • How do we protect physical data? [3:25]
  • What makes you compliant to GDPR and protected? [5:27]
  • A Real World Example [6:36]
  • How was this problem initiated? [8:49]

Download the Free Quick start guide: GDPR basics

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