On Today’s Episode: The 10 most dangerous mistakes big corporations make about their security.

Episode Main message:

The greatest cyber-security mistake a big corporation can make for its security is having too many dependencies out of their control.

Check Out These Highlights:

  • Mistake #1 Trusting systems too much [0:42]
  • Mistake #2 Considering only software level security [1:58]
  • Mistake #3 Forgetting the human factor [3:24]
  • Mistake #4 Believing insurance is your safety net [4:52]
  • Mistake #5 Not having a strategy of action in place [6:03]
  • Mistake #6 Being prepared only on paper [7:02]
  • Mistake #7 Having too much data and no measures to protect it effectively [7:57]
  • Mistake #8 A boardroom with no clear picture of the business security levels [9:00]
  • Mistake #9 Having too many dependencies out of control [9:36]
  • Mistake #10 Not understanding that security is a factor that can completely destroy your business [10:30]


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Article mentioned on this episode:

  • How to defuse vulnerabilities at their root: https://www.yiotanicolaidou.com/how-to-defuse-vulnerabilities-at-their-roots/
  • The roots to your security problem: https://www.yiotanicolaidou.com/cyber-attacks-roots-security-problem/


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