On Today’s Episode: The 10 most dangerous mistakes entrepreneurs and small size businesses make about their security.

Episode Main message:

Lack of secure habits is the number 1 cause of a cyber-attack.

Check Out These Highlights:

  • Mistake #1 Believing a cyber-attack will never affect you [0:40]
  • Mistake #2 Not covering even the basics [1:21]
  • Mistake #3 Lack of secure habits [2:06]
  • Mistake #4 Working from dangerous places [3:17]
  • Mistake #5 Have no boundaries between personal and business life [3:50]
  • Mistake #6 Social Media Oversharing [4:31]
  • Mistake #7 Leaking data everywhere [6:14]
  • Mistake #8 Not knowing the impact of an attack [7:40]
  • Mistake #9 Having outdated and dusted systems [8:40]
  • Mistake #10 Not knowing that the cost of protecting your business is just a fraction of the cost of an attack [9:23]


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