On Today’s Episode: How you can understand the real facts behind an attack 

I am going to analyze for you today the messages you should be getting from the latest attack on McAfee’s twitter account.

  1. Can you read the real message behind each attack?
  2. Do you understand the impact each message has for your security?


Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

  • Better understanding of each publicly announced attack
  • Helpful for your threat levels evaluation
  • Better understanding of cyber-criminals: what triggers them, how to minimize the threat and eventually how to increase your protection environment.


Episode Main message:

In order to receive the real message behind each attack you need to understand the parameters and the impact of the attack.


Check Out These Highlights:

Message #1: Know the benefits and security drawbacks of each account you have [1:48]

Message #2: Technological companies do not value your security and privacy. Their innovation is driven by sales [3:21]

Message #3: Third party or supply chain is a serious problem in security [5:20]

Message #4: High-profile people are under increasingly higher threat levels, especially security experts [6:09]

Message #5: Security experts get over exposed to protect you. At least take advantage of that [7:43]

Message #6: Challenging authentication dynamics [10:05]

Message #7: The approach to attack on a high-profile target is different from a mass attack [11:23]

Message #8: Lets not forget your first factor authentication -your passwords [13:14]


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Article mentioned on this episode: An ancient Greek philosophy – the novel approach to Cyber Security

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