Why are you so predictable?

Why are you so predictable?

Solutions start with stating the facts and the fact is that:

You are predictable.

And because we are stating facts here let’s add some additional facts to your threat level equation:

  • Hackers have great analytical skills
  • All of your personal data is laid out online especially in social media and
  • Hackers possess the art of deception.

The dynamic combination of these four elements make you and your business vulnerable.

In fact, targeted attacks to virtually impenetrable big organizations are based on those factors.

Hackers will not spend their time, money and effort on trying to bypass systems and control. No, they are smarter than that!

They know that the only thing they need to do is to bypass human nature instead!

So, cyber-criminals study you and they use your information against you.

How nice. Right?

The “Human Factor” has always been considered the weak link in security. Unfortunately, taking advantage of human nature by compromising your patterns and daily habits is used by sophisticated hackers and predators to connect your data online to target you individually.


Patterns though are not the only thing that has a negative impact. In fact, patterns have a very positive impact if you know how to take advantage of them and when you should avoid them.

One thing is certain:

So what does it take to be unpredictable to hackers?

Based on statistics people try what they are familiar with and they avoid what they do not know. It is how human brain is wired.

And, in order to increase your unpredictability levels, you just need to do things differently.