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The scale effect – compounding protection

The other day I was listening to Dr. Ned Hallowell a psychiatrist who is considered one of world’s leaders in performance and entrepreneurial ADD in other words an authority on how people can perform better.

Dr Net went through the process of setting goals and actually achieving them among other concepts of performance improvement.

He talked about setting:

  • 3 short term goals which are daily,
  • 3 medium term goals which need about 1-2 weeks to complete,
  • 3 long term goals which take about a year to complete and
  • 3 lifetime goals which you guest it well; last for a lifetime.

As you noticed 3 is the magic number as if you focus on many things at the same time you are increasing your failure rates.

And I though that’s it. That is the angle I am looking for to present the concept of compounding protection to you.

Want a little help?

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What is the concept of compounding protection?

As you know I am a true believer in security strategy. It just is your compass to protection and without it no security solution is going to be effective. My goal is not to analyze in this episode what the components and principles of an effective security strategy are. Even though an effective security strategy has many components and principles behind it one of its basic principles is the scaling effect. In other words, the smooth interconnection between components on a sustainable way. That principle is what I am going to focus on in today’s episode.

So compounding protection is a series of steps which link one component of protection to another in order to achieve holistic protection.

When you develop a security strategy make sure that you have stages and each stage must clearly indicate how each step is a physical continuity of the previous one and that no step is retiring a previous one. Remember we want to achieve sustainable security, not wasting resources with every implementation stage.

Exactly in the same way your short-term goals lead to the medium and the medium to the long term and the long term to the lifetime goals. Usually to figure out what your goals are though you go the other way around. You first create the lifetime, long term, short term and from those you define your short term or daily tasks. The same way we develop a security strategy which is based in the scale effect.

And let’s compound your ability to be protected with a tweetable:

Here goes. Now you know the secret to compounding protection.

As always; the best discussions happen after the episode at so I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts and comments on ways and methodologies to scale your protection levels.

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