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Your Security Energy Tank
When I started researching how the human brain works in order to create security methodologies and tools that are easy to use and adapt, I got really fascinated with the concept of energy, and with good reason.

As Nikola Tesla said: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”.

Everything is energy. The universe, nature, us. Our brain is composed by electromagnetic signals and it functions in vibrations.  Those vibrations are tuned with frequencies and those frequencies define our lives. So, whether we do it consciously or not we have the role of the energy manager. As you may understand this is an ongoing process. There is no destination. If you stop managing your energy you go bankrupt. As Marie Forleo  says #hugthemoment.

You are probably wondering how this is related to security.

Energy fuels everything: our bodies, our cars and various technical appliances that we use on daily basis.  When energy gets depleted, we and our machines cannot function at our highest capacity.

Human behavior correlation with security
One of the concepts I am more enthusiastic and passionate about is human behavior and its correlation with security. Even though your behavior can make or break the most advanced and sophisticated security setting, it is ignored; except if you are working for an agency. Moreover, even the top professionals prefer to avoid the area of human behavior, firstly because it’s complex and secondly, because the learning and understanding of information by a receiver depends on the abilities of a security professional to convey his or her knowledge and skills.
Difference between tangible and intangible security
Basically, it all boils down to the fact that it is much easier for people to understand tangible things. All my clients before I demonstrated to them the difference between tangible and intangible security, wanted systems, tools, software, you name it, “just give me something I can see”.  They believed that If they can see it, it’s better and more secure.

The truth is that you will find the best protection in the intangible. Tangible is just an illusion. Tangible is just a vehicle and without the right fuel it cannot take you anywhere.

Tangible is what is easy to understand but at the same time it is what masses use. Intangible is what only selected few know and maintain as a secret. Its power is in the secrecy, the unpredictability.

It takes very deep knowledge about security to get to the level at which you can really understand what security really is about and how you can control your protection levels.

Today I am going to attempt to demonstrate the difference with an example.

Your assets Island
I want you to imagine an island. This island is your asset island and it includes both your personal and professional assets – money, intellectual property, identity, reputation – everything valuable to you.
Want a little help?
cyber-security approach, philosophy, business, protection
Your Security Energy Tank
Just like your car needs fuel to take you from point A to point B and your house needs energy (electricity, gas) to turn on your lights, heat water and warm the rooms the same happens with your assets island. It needs energy to power up all of the security mechanisms you have available for your protection. Thus, to protect your island your systems and tools need fuel. I promise to explain in another article what components you need to protect your assets’ island, but for now let’s focus on the fuel you need to enable your protection. Why? Because without energy, no matter what systems and tools you have in place, they will not operate, and without operating systems your assets are not secure. That fuel is coming from your SECURITY TANK.

The good news is that you are defining your security tank levels. Each of your habits and beliefs results in actions that are serving as the fuel of your security tank. A positive habit adds fuel to your tank and a negative one removes fuel from it. As the manager of your security tank you are responsible to maintain high levels of fuel by continuously employing good habits, beliefs and actions, and by continuously identifying things that are depleting and draining your ability to be protected in order to eliminate them.


Examples of depleting your security tank:

  • Believing you are not in danger of a cyber-attack,
  • Hiding your head in the ground because you believe this way the attackers will not see you,
  • Believing there is no 100% security, thus there is nothing you can do for your protection. I challenge this belief and maintain that you can create full-proof security for you and your business [link],
  • Connecting to public WiFi,
  • Worrying about cyber-attacks every day, but not doing anything to create protection,
  • Reacting to attacks as they come,
  • Leaking important data in the cloud,
  • Having easy to guess or break passwords,
  • Not having current and up to date backup of your data.

Examples of adding fuel to your security tank:

  • Understanding cyber-criminals’ motives and behavior,
  • Knowing how attacks are triggered,
  • Knowing how to avoid cyber-attacks with the right behavior,
  • Being aware of trends on attacks,
  • Adding unpredictability factor to your security,
  • Reading this article 😊

In conclusion, each behavior, habit and action you have has a positive or negative effect on your security tank. Maintaining your protection is all about balancing yourself and maintaining the highest possible level of fuel in your security tank. I hope I have convinced you that keeping high level of fuel in your security tank in the most essential thing you need to have for your security. Additionally, this requires continuous practice as cyber criminals always await their victims. In case you are not aware, a new study shows that 8 out of 10 attacks are triggered by you which means that hackers do not have the power to penetrate your security unless you let them in. Guess how you let them in. With your habits, behavior and actions. That is why if there is one thing you can do for your security is maintaining high levels of fuel in your security tank.

Here is the issue; Cyber-criminals always have their eyes on your security tank. As soon as they see it’s weak or empty, they will attack you. No smart person attacks someone when they are in a powerful position. The real advantage for them is when you are in a weak state. Right? This is a basic rule of war all great strategists know and apply. And in case you wonder how it is related to cyber-security –  cyber warfare is considered the modern approach to war.

So, what is important to understand is that managing your security tank is a continuous practice and learning to balance out your fuel in this tank takes time and effort, but the key here is awareness. Being always aware and curious about every belief, habit and action you take, and how it affects your security levels is power. Most people have no idea about this concept. Now you know.

In this management system past and future events do not count, whether you got hacked in the past or it never happened to you – does not count at all. Only now matters. What are you doing right now to stay protected?

Where to start & key knowledge
  • If you want to know how to start, make space in your mind first. Examine and evaluate every belief and habit you have about security because they rule your actions.
  • Know that what worked in the past might not be valid anymore. Technology is moving really fast and currently, security is technology’s legs.
  • Stop trusting systems blindly. All systems are designed with the agencies’ requests for backdoors (backdoors are an alternative way to access a system without needing the owner credentials). Whether this is good or not it’s a completely different story. The issue here is that not only governments have this backdoor access anymore. Cyber-criminals have it as well which raises the point that you need to strategize your security and make it unpredictable.
How to better manage your accounts
With constant awareness, consistent practice, a dynamic security strategy and your security tank management.
Apply what you learn immediately. Download “Master your protection” free quick start guide.
cyber-security approach, philosophy, business, protection
So, I am now turning it over to you, but before leaving I prepared something for you – a tool that will allow you to check your security tank levels and assist you in your protection journey. It is completely free as it is a gift from me to you. As you go through the process I would like to pose you 3 questions:

  1. Do you manage effectively your security tank?
  2. Did you discover habits and beliefs that you have, which can damage your protection levels? Please do not tell me which ones for your protection. Just tell me if you discovered any compromising habits and beliefs
  3. How many habits and beliefs can you employ immediately to improve your security levels?

I cannot wait to hear your comments so leave them below and let’s continue the conversation.



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