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Your assets Island – Your effective protection management team

In a previous episode called “Your security Tank” I introduced you to the concept of your asset island. Just as a reminder your assets island is comprised by everything that is valuable to you. It includes both your personal and professional assets – money, intellectual property, identity, reputation, family, clients – you name it! Everything valuable to you.

I made a promise back in that episode to explain in a future episode what components you need to protect your assets’ island, as on that episode, I focused on the fuel you need to enable your protection.

That day has come, and I will introduce you to the 7 main components you need to protect your asset’s island. Look at is as your Management Team for protection.


Lady Control is living in the middle of the island in a tower from which she sees and controls everything as she cannot be compromised; setting them up, directing and overseeing the whole security of your assets island. Control must be really skillful as you may understand as your asset island’s protection is directly affected by her professional abilities and not only. I will tell you more about her abilities and skills in another episode if you wish because is a huge list. Control has created a power team in order to achieve her goal of protecting your assets island. Let me introduce you to this dream team now.


You also have your security guards around the island in order to protect it from intrusion. All these guards are under the command of Control. Control’s right hand is Measure.

Measure is responsible for checking and evaluating if all of the security guards are doing their job correctly and if any protection system malfunctions. Basically, Lady Measure evaluates everything. She is responsible for setting up the standards for where the performance of every protective power of the island should be and where it currently is. She is reporting her findings and any serious concerns she has on a constant basis to Control.

Control though that if Measure had a daily interaction with the security guards then she would feel bad to say that a friend of hers who is a guard is not doing his/her job properly so, she decided to design the MEASURE’s machine to avoid the physical interactions.  Thus, Measure’s machine works with fuel as well. You guess right! That fuel is coming from your security tank as well. If you have no idea what your security tank is then you need to watch this episode … after you finish this one.

Measure talked with Control and she said: “listen in order to be able to evaluate everything I need to be able to see everything. “

Control as a super cool boss lady, she replied “of course, let’s make this happen for you!”. And without further delays she designed… Visibility.

I know what you are thinking by now! Really? Another lady? Is this an amazon’s modern episode? Hey! Come on. It is not my fault that all of the responsible people are women here! It is definitely not a coincidence. Seriously, maybe you should consider having more ladies in your security team as Jane Frankland suggests in her book “In Security”.

Anyway let’s get back to work because there are more ladies to introduce to you!


Visibility is a lady with super powers. She is vigilant and very organized so as soon as she took over the responsibility to report everything she sees to Measure she requested for the equipment she needs. Let’s name a few things: cameras, a helicopter, security guards. Hey! Control is a very secretive lady. She is not going to reveal everything …

Now I want you to imagine a helicopter flying over this island to watch out if everything is properly protected or if there is an area which is under threat. The helicopter is called VISIBILITY’s eye as she is very proud about her abilities. Do not worry, you did not pay anything about the name, just for the helicopter. How Control convinced you to buy it I am going to tell you, so stay tuned.

So, the helicopter under VISIBILITY’s command needs fuel to fly over your island. That fuel is coming from your SECURITY TANK.  I know, again! Security comes down to setting the basics properly.

Want a little help?

cyber-security approach, philosophy, business, protection


The three ladies Control, Measure and Visibility make their first meeting and they realize that they need to report to each other all the time so as professionals with so much and serious work to do they decide that they need another lady to join them; Accountability. Accountability is responsible about the framework of reporting and communication between the three ladies. She decides about the number and content of the reports, the flow of communications like for example meeting’s time, duration and content, metrics setup, presentations formats and most importantly scoring the success rates of effectiveness for the members of the team. She is also setting the goals for the future by making plans. That is why she requests only for an assistant who is ORGANIZATION.


This lady is the heavy load and she is not kidding about anything. She plans and prepares for everything. She is very analytical and demanding but she is directing the way for literally everyone and everything. That is why Control has her sitting right next to her all the time.

  • Pirates coming from the sea? They do not even get to the island before their ship is destroyed.
  • A nuclear bomb approaching from the air because they hacked the nuclear head of another country to hit your assets island? No worries. Strategy has this covered. As soon as she is reported about it from Visibility she sends a protecting shield which captures the bomb in the air before even coming near your assets island and it causes a self – destruction of the bomb. You know what is the best? Members of the island just see a star falling in the sky! Effective yet entertaining! 


The twin sister of Strategy, lady Anticipation is responsible for a back up plan. No matter what might fail she has it handled, and she is ready for it. Literally, for anything that can go wrong she has an alternative approach. Want an example?

  • An invisible airplane manages to get on Control’s tower? Remember this is the most crucial point for your protection. Anticipation takes over saying: “That is ok.” She gets her secret tools and she destroys them while securing Control and the remaining of the Security Management team on a Vault.

7. YOU

Oh, yes you are a key player for your asset’s island protection. How?

Without fuel Control loses her ability to protect your island any time because Visibility’s helicopter and machine Measure is not working and without them she is not able to know immediately what is going on in order to be able to act accordingly.

How is Control finding fuel for her support?

From the Security tank Manager, the island owner who is responsible to fill it. Control is very serious about her job and that is why she has made a written agreement with him that he will be giving her constantly fuel based on the directions she gave him about his beliefs and habits. You are the island owner.

Additionally, all other employees of the assets island signed a very serious commitment form about their habits and beliefs. How they control that? You guest right… Another episode.

Now, obviously I cannot introduce you to all the players of protection as we have so much time in this episode but at least you have been introduced to the key players. Those are responsible to bring along the remaining players for your protection.

Let’s take off your security boost helicopter with a tweetable:

Apply what you learn immediately. 

cyber-security approach, philosophy, business, protection

That is all for today.

I cannot wait to hear your comments so leave them below and let’s continue the conversation.

Have a great day from Control and I will see you to the next episode of Your Security Boost. Make sure you subscribe.





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