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Security Overload

Do you ever feel like you have so, many things to do and time is running out? It is a common feeling for overachievers and it can apply to any area of our lives. I mean, I have to admit it that is something that happens to me as well when I have so many tasks, projects and things to complete. Like today but I still am committed to delivering another protection episode to compound your protection to success so let’s dive into today’s topic.

I noticed that when there are so many things to do there is an overload of information to my brain causing action paralysis. The effect is literally a complete slow down process of my performance. I like to compare it with a computer which does so many tasks at the same time that it feels like it is so slow, and it is doing nothing in the end. My team always jokes with me that I should get a supercomputer or a quantum computer to fulfill my expectations but hey I just have so many things to do.

So, I got to thinking what is the best way to make my brain perform like a super computer or a quantum computer?

That is how it goes with me. I am always looking for the next hack to achieve more and I am certain this applies to you as well. After all hacking runs in my veins. Hm that’s a nice flow or it does not sound like a nice joke for non-nerds?

Want a little help?

cyber-security approach, philosophy, business, protection

Anyhow, I present to you the RP Boot methodology.

A simple yet effective methodology but as it turns out in most cases simple is the only thing you need.

R stands for remove. Simply take a piece of paper and a pen and unload everything from your brain to the paper; every single task. The paper now becomes the holder of all this information and your brain is free to perform again. But the question is to perform on what?

That is where I have another hack for you. P which stands for prioritize. When you unload your brain fuzz on paper go through that list and put priorities by asking the right questions like:

  • What is the one thing which if completed will give me the best results among all?
  • What is the one thing that if completed it will move me forward?
  • What is the one thing which if completed many other items on the list become non-important or irrelevant?

Yes, if you ask better questions you will get better answers. So, instead of asking why don’t I have more time to complete all these tasks just ask these three powerful questions and you will be amazed at how much more you will achieve in the same time frame!

Now you have emptied your brain from clutter and you have prioritized your tasks; just choose the top priority one and start working on it. Boot your brain with 100% concentration on that task.

And now let’s implement this principle to security because after all that is what I am here to serve you the most about:

Security overload is a term I have invented for people who get a brain overload from security related information. Whether they are attending a seminar, or they talk with a security professional and they get so much information they are just unfamiliar with the content discussed; people get to this overwhelm stage and their brain freezes. It is a situation that occurs all the time and there is only one way to address it.

Anytime you feel like this way just apply RP Boot. Write it all down, assign priorities and ask what should my next step be? Then just tune into that priority.

By the way in security the methodology I promote is holistic security and that makes sure that you cover multiple angles as just one opening is enough for cyber-criminals but in terms of implementation we work step by step by setting priorities simply because overwhelming people does not serve their protection goals. In most cases implementing the top priority instead of everything gets you way ahead of just living in the freeze of the “what to do” overwhelm.

So just stop the security professional from overloading you with information causing protection paralysis and ask: what is the one move I can implement right now in order to improve my protection levels considerably?

And let’s shut down this week’s security boost with a tweetable:

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cyber-security approach, philosophy, business, protection

There goes. What security overload is and the process you have to follow to overcome it. I cannot wait to hear your comments so leave them below and let’s continue the conversation.

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