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How to write the best security script to follow – Why your business needs security policies & procedures

An essential part of security is the crafting of policies and procedures. A series of directions on how to do anything step by step. However, there is the classic approach of drafting those which is a copy-paste approach which does not serve the organization in the long run and there is also the security script of which the writing is an art. The art which manages to make any task easy, memorable and effective to follow. In today’s episode of your security boost I will analyze how to craft an effective security script and what its benefits are for your organization so stay tuned ready to exercise your protection muscle!

Every tip I give you can serve an individual, an entrepreneur, a solopreneur, a small company, a VIP or even a corporation. This do applies when you have people who must change positions and you have no time to train them.

In fact, this is how I came up with it. As the head of a regional control center of operations for the civil defense I had to find a way to teach people what they need to do quickly because when there is an emergency it is impossible to ensure that I will always have the people I trained all the time. Even though it is the ideal scenario it is not the real scenario. Changes happen, and issues occur.

Thus, when I designed the scripts of operation I did not need to teach them how to perform each task but instead just how to read and follow the script. Now please note that in order for that to work people need to be familiar with the sub-tasks on that checklist and each step must be the smallest simplest step you can have. You do not combine stuff together or assume that people will understand what you mean. You break it down into simple chunks to bite by considering the “worst user level” background. That is the key.

Here are the six reasons why you need to have a security script prepared for your business:

  1. Thinking simplicity

The purpose of security policies and procedures is to direct the employee handling a situation to perform it correctly removing unnecessary thinking from the process. Obviously, I am not talking about removing critical thinking from our mode of operation but in some cases removing the part that is repeated and it is always the same its helpful.

2. Closing background gaps and different approaches

Teaching a lot of people with different backgrounds and or operational modes how to operate on different occasions which happens to be their new job daily tasks can become challenging. In order to minimize this challenge and stress we apply the so called a “security script”.

Want a little help?

cyber-security approach, philosophy, business, protection

3. Speeding up the learning process

Think about the first time you learn something. It takes you longer to implement it and with time it improves. When you start something, you do not remember all the steps in the beginning but with time it becomes a habit and you implement it without worrying about forgetting details in the process.

4. You get laser focus on the parts of the task that are actually important

When you are thinking about so many things and you have to take so many decisions at the same time your focus is split and diversified minimizing your brain’s real estate which can be vigilant only for those things that are important. A security script though allows you to remove most of that fuzz.

5. You increase your protection levels

Everyone follows a unified approach and the window which is left for mistakes and misalignments is much smaller.

6. You minimize the possibility for an employee to freeze on a difficult an or stressful situation

A great secret when training people for the protection of high-stake facilities or when there is no room for error or action-delays is to pass into the subconscious level the process. That is done with repetition of following the exact same steps aka a security script. However, if you try this approach without having the knowledge and experience to do it properly you are at risk of ending up making useless your personnel. You do not want marionettes and a stagnant brain. You just want it to be clear and focused on what is really important. It’s so delegate like a brain surgery process.  So, basically these security scripts operate like manuals of operation and they do serve in high stress situations when the brain by default works on half of its capabilities which is really dangerous and critical when you are in a high-risk situation and human lives depend on you.

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Here we go. You now know the basic components of an effective security script and what are its benefits for your organization. As always; the best discussions happen after the episode at so I am looking forward to hear your thoughts and comments.

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cyber-security approach, philosophy, business, protection



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