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The benefits of becoming unpredictable to cyber-criminals

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If you’ve been following my articles for some time now, you already know about the power unpredictability gives you for your protection. If you missed that episode I would advise you to go and read it or listen to it first [here] and then return to this one.

Many of you wonder why this works?

Being unpredictable for cyber-criminals is perfect for three reasons:

1. You become unique:

Unique things require unique handling! It decreases the risk of being attacked by 80% because more “unique” attacks require more sophisticated skills and effort, and most cyber-criminals will get discouraged. It will depend on attacker’s perception of how valuable a target you are, but generally this applies to VIPs, high-tech companies and overall high value targets. If your business or the information you have does not qualify for corporate or government espionage, chances are hackers will be discouraged and move on to easier targets who fall victims to mass attacks by being predictable. If you do qualify for the above cases, it’s absolutely fine because there are more extreme unpredictability factors I can offer you…

In order to increase your unpredictability levels, you just need to do things differently.

2. Less pressure on your security support team:

Look at it from the bright side. Your team or a person responsible for security can focus on what is in his/her control, not your mistakes. They will be relieved because they will not have to constantly worry that you may make a mistake that will cancel all their great job. Never the less, you will make the mistake and you will hold them responsible for something that is out of their control! Such a vicious cycle of danger (P.S. I know! I feel you man…)

3. The law of familiarity:

OK, you probably know the law of gravity or the law of attraction as it has gained great popularity in the recent years (Trend or not? Please vote below!) I bet, though, you do not know the law of familiarity or not yet!

Based on statistics, people try what they are familiar with and they avoid what they do not know. It is how the human brain is wired. The law of familiarity states that people’s brain discourages them from doing things they are not familiar with because they have no reference to it in their brain and this creates unpleasant feelings of discomfort. Basically, this means stepping out of your “comfort zone”, which causes additional stress. This, however is another great point where you can take advantage of cyber-criminals!

See!!! I have all the right tricks for you…

So, by becoming unpredictable you discourage them from attacking you because cyber-criminals are creatures of habit as well.

4. You probably know as well the “ring not pass” …

Just kidding, but most probably I should write an article about the security ring not pass! Don’t you agree?

Want a little help?

cyber-security approach, philosophy, business, protection

So, there you go. The 3 reasons why becoming unpredictable substantially minimizes your threat levels.

I know what you are thinking! How do I and my employees become unpredictable right now?

Yes, this is not theory. This is practical people, so let’s get into implementation mode.

The answer is – effective training. That is right! You and your employees need effective training which has two secret components (just like the coca cola secret ingredients but better):

  • It takes advantage of the human brain to make protection easy and delicious. I mean habitual and usable, and
  • It reverse engineers hackers to create a protective shield against attacks.

The art of unpredictability is a must for your security. And guess what. It is a skill. No trend will take it away. Training your personnel is a long-term investment which will minimize the risk of attacks by as much as 80% and it will pay off immediately and in the long term.

Who wants 80% less probability to be attacked?

Let me see more hands.

And that is why we do it!!! P.S. I think I just promoted my training programs.

Apply what you learn immediately.

cyber-security approach, philosophy, business, protection

So I am now turning it over to you. If you found this tip useful please share it with others. Cyber-criminals fight is a collective effort, and each one of us can contribute to this. I would also like to hear your thoughts:

Do you know what are the ways you can increase your unpredictability against cyber-criminals?

I cannot wait to hear your comments so leave them below and let’s continue the conversation.




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