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The right message of Security Awareness

This is a concept that derives from questions I am often asked not only from private clients but from journalists as well.

In fact, I was led to replying to this question on June 15th on Saskia Constantinou’s program SaskiaUnreserved  on Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation- RIK. With this opportunity I would like to thank her for the invitation. It was the 2nd time I talked on her radio program and I really appreciate it and enjoy it every time.

The reason I constantly work on making people aware about the importance and impact of security is not to direct them in the believe that they have to live in the stone age or that if they want to take advantage of the modern ways of communication and internet use which has invaded our everyday lives they have to give up on the feeling of being protected and live under the constant worry of threat. That is not valid. I am promoting usable security, and this is the kind of security that gives you the benefits of modern technologies without compromising your protection. My only purpose is to direct you and lead you to protection. It is to give you the tools to enable the protection of your business and personal life.

But almost every time I talk about security the first feeling people experience is fear. But I would like to explain what this feeling really means.

It is absolutely normal for people to get overwhelmed when we address security threats for the first time or in the beginning of their exposure to this concept. That is what happens regarding everything we are unfamiliar with or do not have enough knowledge about. It creates this scary feeling of the unknown because that is how our brain operates.

Want a little help?

cyber-security approach, philosophy, business, protection

For example, the time I was about to post my first article was not a very pleasant experience.

  • I did not know in which mediums to post it.
  • I wasn’t aware if what I am going to talk about people will find interesting.
  • I had no idea where to find the right pictures.
  • What the right title is.
  • How it should be structured for SEO and most importantly.
  • I was terrified that people will not like it, that I might get embarrassed.

But these thoughts did not stop me from pressing the “publish” button. As Marie Forleo says: “everything is figureoutable”! I will learn with time how to do it properly and mistakes are part of the process. Yes, I will not lie to you. I sat, with these feelings for a few minutes before pressing it but;

I said to myself: “Your purpose is higher than your current feelings” because I knew that I wanted people to hear my message. I knew that they need this message and my purpose is much higher than my small feelings of the moment.

Feelings that are created because my brain does not have the points of reference to feel familiar and good about it yet. Feelings that are created because I am getting out of my comfort zone.

Now? I look forward to posting a new article every week. I   It feels so natural like brushing my teeth. I love your comments and interactions and I feel honored when people tell me how valuable they find my content.

And here is the secret. No matter how many times you practice getting out of your comfort zone; because it is the only way you can grow; you will always feel this uncomfortable feeling when you do something for the first time.

And I am not trying to tell you that you must always feel uncomfortable. There is a difference between the uncomfortable feeling you have when you are trying something for your growth and when you feel in your guts that something is not right or is not the right thing for you. In fact, I chase opportunities to get out of my comfort zone because the result when I overcome this stage and I am in the knowledge phase is unbelievable. It’s just pure accomplishment.

So, the next time you get exposed to security awareness and you start feeling resistance because you do not understand everything, or you start worry about the threat do not turn it off, do not leave. Recognize that your brain is just not familiar with the subject and that if you make a conscious decision to stay and spend time to learn what you need to learn then you will feel much better and comfortable about it with time. If it wasn’t that important for your personal and business survival you would not have to spend your time on it. However, the skill of protection is a lifetime skill in the modern times we live, and it gives you the competitive edge against cyber-criminals you cannot afford not to have.

So, my advice for you is sit with your uncomfortable feeling of security awareness. It will take you to a much safer place.

Apply what you learn immediately. Download “Protection bases” free quick start guide.

cyber-security approach, philosophy, business, protection

I am now turning it over to you.

I cannot wait to hear your comments so leave them below and let’s continue the conversation.




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