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What are the areas your business should invest in to progress and succeed in 2019

You know I like mixing up business protection advice with other concepts because yes, why not learn how to grow your business while at the same time building your protection muscle. I have gone through this entrepreneurial journey myself and I have learned through tough lessons. I had to pay the price in terms of money, time, energy and even pain. So, I am all about creating positive impact “trojan horses” in your mind and while you learn something you know it will be valuable for you at the same time I am hijacking your mind with something you most probably do not know that you need, security.

Okay I am starting off the new year with business lessons and if you want to make an investment for your business then Tony Robbins Business Mastery should be your first choice.

So, let’s start with the areas or pillars for your business growth in 2019:

  1. Strategize your vision

The moving vehicle for any business is the owners’ vision but as Tony Robbins says, if you do not create a strategic plan on what, why and how to implement it; it is just a dream. So, take the time to decide and plan by applying the RPM method.

2. Focus on innovation

Being a person who gave up a 12 years contract and a paid PhD proposal just to work on a novel idea for my master’s thesis I am not even sure if I am biased on innovation promotion but seriously where is the fun in doing something that someone else has already achieved right? OK I understand that this might not be the most convincing reason but how about this?

Most companies fail because they are stuck in their comfort zone so long that they did not manage to move on during the time frame on to the next curve. It is like selling tapes with songs when everyone can find them on YouTube for free.

3. World Class marketing

  1. Having an amazing product but no knowledge or ability to market it is the worst thing that can happen, and I know that from experience. When I first launched ESODOS even though I had people who went through it swearing for its success results and even professionals admitting of its effectiveness I had no idea how to promote it. Let’s face it without the right marketing you get disappointed and no one benefits from the amazing life changing product you have because they do not know of its existence in the first place.

4. Develop the skills & systems for sales

Companies have expenses for maintenance and growth and unless you or a member of your team have the skill to close deals and sell products your revenue will be low putting your business at risk. The same applies for systems which need to be in place for online and offline sales.

Want a little help?

cyber-security approach, philosophy, business, protection

5. Set in place the financial & legal ground

Financial and legal are two areas you cannot play with. Legal needs to be in place to ensure that no intellectual property is endangered and that your agreements work to your benefit. Financial on the other hand is all about controlling the income and expenses of the company and arming you with the right tools and KPIs that will serve as your compass for any direction readjustments and dangers.

6. Optimize & maximize

If you really want growth you love mathematics and specifically the principle of geometric growth. This compounding growth most of the time does not come from new initiatives or ideas but instead from re-examining main business processes and revamping them to be optimized. The idea is to maximize the effectiveness of every resource you have available from people to systems.

7. Constantly creating raving fans

The only way to win in business is to create a client focused environment. You can achieve that by over-delivering on a timely manner. So, create your strategy and start implementing. Your satisfied customers will promote your brand better than any marketing material you have in place. Testimonials are your ticket for business growth.

8. Identify & protect your valuable assets

While you grow; your threat levels and openings to vulnerability change meaning that you need to invest in the protection of your valuable assets as creating assets without maintaining them and growing them is not wise. It is like filling a room of your house with money like Skroutz but then leaving the door and windows open for anyone to access and take it. It is a basic principle you should learn as a child. Skroutz had a vault! Security is not something to setup and forget like in the past. It is alive and dynamic, and it has to grow with your business.

Let’s conclude this episode with a tweetable.

That’s all for today. The 8 areas you should focus on investing for your business growth in 2019. The seven are included in Tony Robbins Business Mastery and the 8th will be added soon because he is highly intelligent and in front of innovation curves.

Now it is your turn to tell me what areas you plan to focus on in 2019 to grow your business.

I cannot wait to hear your comments so leave them below and let’s continue the conversation.

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cyber-security approach, philosophy, business, protection



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